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T-Mobile upgrades its unlimited plan again to one-up AT&T
T-Mobile added HD video streaming and 10GB of LTE hotspot tethering to its unlimited One plan earlier this month, possibly as a response to Verizon's new unlimited data plan.
Mobile World Congress is nearly upon us, giving Samsung ample reason to show off the latest product from its chip foundries.
It's that time of year again. Barcelona, with its stunning architecture and succulent jamón, will soon be packed with new smartphones, tablets, wearables, networking gear, app developers and, well, tech journalists like us.
In a KGI Securities report detailed by 9to5Mac, the analyst explains that the upcoming OLED iPhone will feature a "revolutionary" front camera that's capable of sensing 3D space via infrared.
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Dell has unveiled a new lineup of devices at CES this week, including a digital artist's workspace called the Canvas.
ASUS didn't show all its cards at its CES event. The computing giant has unveiled a pair of high-end desktop displays that each have their own clever tricks.
The Latitude 7285 2-in-1 notebook, out later this year, will be equipped with wireless charging capabilities, making it the first laptop to tout the feature and letting it join the ranks of its cord-free-charging smartphone brethren.
The Nextbook Flexx 9 2-in-1 tablet will sport a detachable keyboard that obviously makes this a tablet or portable notebook hybrid.
The holidays are but a few short weeks away and I'm once again being inundated by questions relating to a dilemma people are facing - between Apple's iPad or Amazon's Fire tablet range, which is the best?
Bluetooth keyboards help to alleviate this pain when typing out long emails or documents on your mobile device, but carrying around yet another gadget to have a comfortable typing experience is far from ideal.
Sony's 'world's fastest' SD card writes data at 299 MB/s
Sony's upcoming SF-G series of SD cards will be available this spring, the company announced today. When that time comes, Sony said they "will be the world's fastest SD cards."
The Polaroid Pop also seems more than capable of holding its own as a standalone digital camera.
Panasonic's two-and-a-half-year-old GH4 has long been a darling of the low-budget filmmaking set.
The gadget was announced today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where other ground-breaking devices have been showcased such as three-screen laptops, credit-card sized portable chargers and even a 'wallpaper' thin TV screen.
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Tencent's QQ and Alipay, two popular apps in China, have announced that AR redenvelopes will be put online on the apps during the upcoming Chinese New Year,according to a report by
Surround sound speaker systems have the same goal as 3D audio – complete immersion that gives the listener a sense of where each sound is coming from. For this reason, movie soundtracks and high-end 3D games are often recorded in surround sound.
One of the drawbacks of today's high-end VR is the long cord you have snaking down from your headset. Especially in fast-paced, first-person action games, the cord is a tangle or trip waiting to happen.
IronBot is more than a kid's playmate
Being a father or mother, if you don’t have time to accompany your child, it doesn’t matter, you could have a robot to talk and play with your son.
As its name suggests, the Nintendo Switch prides itself on versatility, with the surprisingly small handheld/console hybrid capable of being hooked up to a TV at home or being used in multiple modes on the go.
Animated instructions on the app ensure children understand every step clearly, while a variety of hands-on experiments teach them the science behind individual speaker components and how they work together to produce sound.
Update 4.50 will have the power to potentially speed up a few of those older games.
The Brick series Krypton will come with a unique six-face attachable system. This would provide plenty of leeway for mechanical creation, allowing the child’s imagination to run free as they come up with any kind of models that they desire.

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