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Copyright Statement

1. Articles that originate from other media’s texts, images, audios and videos as indicated on Science and Technology World Website (hereinafter referred to as “the site”) are all reprinted articles. Reprint does not mean that our site agrees with their viewpoints or that we have confirmed the authenticity of their contents. All software and resources downloadable here are provided by their authors or recommended by on-line friends for study and research use only.

2. Users of the site shall understand that the site has no right for the downloadable software and other resources, and their copyrights shall be held by the legal owner.

3. The site shall not assure accuracy, security and completeness of downloadable resources. Please scan for viruses after download by yourself. Meanwhile, the site shall accept no liability for any loss or damage to users or others arising from using these downloadable resources.

4. Without explicit permission of the site, no one shall steal the resources, reproduce, copy the site, or create mirroring on servers of other than Science and Technology World Website. The site shall enjoy all intellectual property right of contents, technical means and services developed by it or with others, and no one shall infringe them or use them without authorization.

5. Any unit or individual consider the site or contents linked by the site may violate your lawful rights and interests, please give us feedback in written form timely, and provide identification, ownership certification and detailed infringement certification to us. After receiving the aforesaid legal documents, we will remove the relevant contents or links as soon as possible.

6. If you need to contact with us concerning works content, copyright or other issues, please contact us within 30 days upon the occurrence of problems. We will make a careful study on it and reply you in time; in the event of infringement, we will correct it immediately. Please see “Contact Us” for contact information.

Privacy Protection

The Privacy Protection Statement of the site is a commitment to protect users’ individual privacy. In view of characteristics of the site, the site may interact with you directly or indirectly, thus the site hereby states the policies on collection, usage and protection of user’s personal information. Please read them carefully:

1. Non-personal information

We may collect your non-personal information through your IP address, such as nature of your browser, type of your operation system and ISP’s domain name, so as to optimize the pages displayed on your computer screen. Through collecting the above information, we may also conduct traffic statistics, to improve the site’s management and service.

2. Information related to personal identity

When you register or take part in various on-line or public forum activities on the site, the site will require some of your personal information in the form of registration forms under your consent and confirmation. This information includes:

Identification information: for example name, gender, age, date of birth, ID card No. (Passport No. or Military ID), telephone No., correspond address, address and email.

Personal background: occupation, level of education, income, marital and family status.

Please understand that without your consent and confirmation, the site will not use your information which is provided only for particular activities of the site for any other purposes, except for the situation as specified in item VI.

3. Information security

The site will strictly protect your information from loss, embezzling by using relevant techniques.

4. User’s rights

User has the following rights for his/her personal information:

  • Inquiry and read at any time

  • Ask for adding or correcting at any time

  • Ask for deleting at any time

  • Ask for stopping computer processing and usage

5. Rational use principle

The site will make rational use of user’s personal information under one of the following conditions:

  • The site has got your written consent or consent equivalent to written consent.

  • To avoid your risk in life, body and property.

  • To prevent from others' damage in rights and interests.

  • To promote public benefit with no harm to users.

6. Disclosure of personal information

When the government requires the site to reveal personal information pursuant to statutory procedures, the site will provide the user’s personal information under the request of the law-enforcement agencies or for the public safety’s sake. The site will bear no responsibility for disclosure in this condition.

7. Public forum

The site will offer services such as chat room and bulletin board. In these places, any information you released will become the public information. Thus, we hereby remind user to be careful to publish your personal information.

8. Protection of minor’s privacy

The site will make and maintain a reasonable procedure to protect minor’s personal information. The site solemnly declares that any minor under 18 years old who intends to take part in online activities should gain his/her parent’s or statutory guardian’s (hereinafter referred to as “guardian”) approval.

The guardian should take primary liability of protecting minor’s privacy under network environment.

The site only collects minor’s personal information for meeting his/her requirement for special purpose, and this information will not be saved for any further use.

The site will not use minor’s personal information or disclose them to the third party or delivery personal data that the minor’s information can be identified without guardian’s consent. The purpose of collecting guardian’s or minor’s name or other network contact information is only for getting approval from the guardian. The relevant information will be deleted if the site doesn’t gain approval in a reasonable period.

The site only collects minor’s personal information when his/her guardian agrees. The site will provide the guardian:

  • The chance of examining his/her child’s or the person under guardianship’s information;

  • The chance of refusing his/her child’s or the person under guardianship’s personal information to be collected and used for further;

  • The approach of altering or deleting his/her child’s or the person under guardianship’s information;

  • The guardian has the right to refuse the site to make further contact with his/her child or the person under guardianship.

The purpose of collecting minor’s personal information is only to keep minor’s safety when he/she takes part in network activities. The site promises that it will not ask for additional personal information as a condition for minor to participate in online activities.

9. Cookies

Cookies refers to a kind of technology. When user visits the site with cookies installed in, the cookies will be sent to his/her browser automatically by server and saved in the disk. This cookies will log user’s action, personal information, browse and consumption habit, and even credit records on the site.

By Cookies technique, the site can provide the user with more thoughtful and personalized service. The site will use Cookies to track your browse habit and other hobbies, thus delivering interested information or saving password, so that user does not have to input password every time he/her visits the site.

10. Exceptions

Apart from service terms as indicated by the site, the site shall be irresponsible for any legal liability of accident, negligence, contract breach, slander, copyright or intellectual property infringement and other damage (including computer gets virus due to download) caused by using the site.

The site shall also take no responsibility or legal liability for any information, products and service via the pages and links of the site.

The site is not liable for the following condition except as provided in term 6:

  • You tell others your password or share your username with others, which result in the leak of personal information.

  • Personal information is leaked, lost, stolen or changed due to force majeure resulted from hacking, computer virus, or temporary shutdown by government regulation.   

  • Personal information is leaked due to other websites linked with the site and any legal dispute thus incurred.

All content of the site does not imply any comment and opinion. The site considers all netizen have read these terms carefully and have agreed with them when visiting the homepage and every other pages. Thanks for your understanding.

Both alteration and update right of the site’s privacy statement shall belong to Science and Technology World Website Company.

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