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As a portal of scientific and technological industry in the world, Science & Technology World Website has been striving to gather science and technology information from five continents and show wonders all over the world. With twenty-eight independent innovative technologies and comprehensive columns and platforms, our site opens nine columns —Science, Technology, Gadgets, Enterprise, Lifestyle, Innovation, Education, Exhibition and Park. With two language versions of Chinese and English, Science & Technology World Website presents the latest development achievements in worldwide scientific and technological industry. By far, our site has become a world-famous sci-tech website and stepped into the world’s leading ranks.

With the development of science and technology, in order to raise Science & Technology World Website’s competitiveness at home and abroad, our development strategies are:

First, high-end oriented technology. In the network technology development, Science & Technology World Website always stands in the forefront. We will provide sci-tech enterprises with the best service and the most value by virtue of independent innovative technologies and projects.

Second, diversified in operation. In the course of operation and development, Science & Technology World Website carries out the diversified development strategy. On the basis of building network industry media platform, we cooperate with the national related newspapers, magazines, broadcasting, TV, and other medias, to build brand image for enterprises by various forms on our site. We also select superior network media to cooperate and grow together.

Third, high-caliber personnel. Talents we introduced all have strong innovative ability. Meanwhile, we are building up a first-class team with high quality, strong ability and good morality characters.

Four, internationalized development. Since the foundation of the website, we have worked out the strategy of internationalized development, with the aim of being competitive at the international level. We devote ourselves to present China’s development results and enterprises’ products in science and technology sector to the whole world, and let scientific and technological results from countries spread to the globe rapidly. 

Five, capitalization oriented. The future of Science and Technology World Website is capitalized development. In this course, our company will keep on attracting capital, for the purpose of taking a place in the asset market, thus to be stronger in the network technology industry.

About Science & Technology World Website

Positioning: a portal of worldwide scientific and technological industry

Mission: build an international trading platform for releasing business opportunities in scientific and technological industry

Tenet: create value for enterprises and individuals

Characteristics: primary, instantaneity, aggregation, interactivity and autonomy

Main Columns

Science, Technology, Gadgets, Enterprise, Lifestyle, Innovation, Education, Exhibition, Park

Our Advantages

We present and promote customers’ brand images in two languages —Chinese and English. The sci-tech enterprises here will be more competitive, gain more value, and go to the world a step further.  

First, brand share

Science & Technology World Website will be the biggest network media that mainly offers professional scientific and technological information service, products trading and talent communication.

Second, product advantage

We enter the market with a brand new perspective and idea. Our powerful information resource and optimized products portfolio can satisfy enterprises’ urgent requirements.

Three, business mode

We have mature business mode, and four big strategies of channel, promotion, sales and management, which will pave a way for enterprises to be successful.

Four, full service

We have well-established operation, products, sales and management, which can lead enterprises to success in a best and rapid way. We provide all-round service and make enterprises have no worries.

Five, strong promotion

Science & Technology World Website advertises a lot in some search engines, portal websites and well-known domestic newspapers all year round using our special modes. We also organize national or regional brand promotion activities and sales activities to make a show platform for enterprises and parks.

Six, management support

Science & Technology World Website will provide perfect internal management system and external marketing strategies to support enterprises.

Seven, technical guarantee

Science & Technology World Website boasts first-class technical talents and professional development teams to make technical guarantee for sci-tech enterprises to show off their brand images.

Eight, innovative operation

Science & Technology World Website continues to innovate to help enterprises grow. The subsequent products development and increasingly-competitive brand will make the maximum benefit for enterprises and parks to display their image brand. In the aspect of network technology development, Science & Technology World Website always stands in the forefront. We will provide sci-tech enterprises with the best service and the most value by virtue of independent innovative technologies and projects.

Science and technology create wealth, and network changes the world

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