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LEGO-Like Set Enables Homeowners To Build Customizable Appliances

  • ByPSFK2013-10-30 14:36:00

In an effort to create more sustainable electronic devices, Eindhoven-based designer Weilun Tseng has developed a system of modular pieces that can be combined in different ways to create various household appliances. The collection of modular pieces not only makes it easy to replace broken parts and recombine old ones into new appliances, but it also reduces the overall amount of waste created by damaged and obsolete appliances.

The system is called “Open E-Components” and the various electronic building elements include a rotating module, lighting module, air-heating module, liquid-heating module, and warming module, all of which can be pieced together like LEGO bricks. Each of these components can function independently or be combined with supporting parts, creating endless possibilities for producing, repairing and adapting to the owner’s requirements.

A distinct focus on function rather than fashion means this device has longevity where most other household appliance only have brand appeal and a limited lifespan.



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