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The ParaShoot HD Luck Can Be Worn On the Go or Controlled Remotely

The ParaShoot HD Luck is a small wearable HD camera that accompanies an app for iOS and Android that allows you to use the camera remotely. View, record, store and share your photos and videos from up to 200 ft away. The ParaShoot HD Luck is available in a variety of custom skins so you can wear it as a pendant with any outfit or you can stick it in on your clothes with the included “magnet patch.”

The time lapse photography mode automatically captures photos at time intervals of your choice. In the automatic video mode, you’re able to choose the length of the video and the intervals you want it to record in. There’s also a function that allows you to tap the ParaShoot HD Luck and it will save the last five minutes of footage so you never miss anything spontaneous.

The ParaShoot HD Luck weighs less than one ounce, has a built-in microphone, image stabilizer and a long battery life. With attachments such as a waterproof case and bike mount set to come out shortly, this little camera will capture some big moments.



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