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Schiphol Airport Has Pedal-Powered Phone Charging Stations

Schiphol Airport Has Pedal-Powered Phone Charging Stations  Science & Technology World Website


If your phone happens to die while you're at the Schiphol airport in Amsterdam and you don't have a charger handy, you could opt to cycle your phone's battery back to life with WeBike.

In addition to providing a charging station that's essential to modern life, especially during travel, the clever station also gives people a way to stretch their legs while waiting around for the next flight. Instead of sitting around idly, this is a fantastic way to do something productive and get a workout out of it.

Reportedly, it takes about 30 minutes of cycling to charge up a cell phone on a WeBike, so if you've got a couple hours to spare, this is a brilliant way to kill two birds with one stone.



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