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Janus Fabric, a textile with an integrated heating or lighting system

Janus Fabric is a textile with an integrated heating or lighting system. The base material is variable – fabric, leather, film, or whatever the user desires. Janus Fabric can be used in many different applications. The application of Janus Fabric is designed in three steps: choose a base material; decide whether to apply a lighting or heating system; make a product.

Three products have been designed incorporating Janus Fabric. The first is an umbrella. In the rain, the city seems to be darker and gloomier than usual. Janus Fabric senses the sounds on the street and expresses various light patterns in response. The lighting system and sound sensor are set between a layer of polyurethane (PU) and the polyester fabric.

The second product is a wheelchair, for which Janus Fabric has been equipped with a heating system. The artificial leather that is often used for wheelchair seats does not ventilate well, and discomfort will be felt after long periods of sitting. Janus Fabric is breathable, but in cold conditions, this may be problematic – particularly to people with weak immune systems. Thus, a heating system is integrated between the PU layer and the fabric.

The third product is a DIY bulb-less light. The lighting system is layered between the PU and a knitted fabric. Many applications could be derived – a standing light, a pendant light, a wall light, and so on.

It is designed by Kim Hyemin, Kim Minki and Lee Jisu.



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