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Roome Gesture Controlled Smart Lamp Hits Kickstarter

Roome Gesture Controlled Smart Lamp Hits Kickstarter    Science & Technology World Website


A new project has this week launched via Kickstarter this week for Roome a gesture-controlled smart lamp which its developers say is the world’s very first to be developed.

The project is looking to raise just $10,000 over the next 30 days to help go into production and is already close to securing this thanks to over 80 backers.

Like you, we were tired of having lamps that were turned on or off with a switch or a button, or even a chain. All of that was so outdated, so we thought, isn’t there a better, more convenient, techy way to switch a lamp on or off? Now, control the lamp with your force ;).

Roome is a smart lamp designed for convenience. It is a truly intuitive lamp, one that lights up automatically through motion detection. It uses the latest in motion-sensor technology, and turns on or off depending on whether it is needed. Roome turns on automatically when it senses you enter the room, and it turns off when there`s no motion detected in the room. Keeping the nightlight on is not energy-saving, but fumble the lamp switcher in the dark can be trouble. Roome is better!



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