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Architects and designers create dollhouses for charity

Architects and designers create dollhouses for charity Science & Technology World


A total of 20 well-known architects and designers, including Zaha Hadid, Guy Holloway, and FAT Architecture, were recently tasked with producing a unique dollhouse each for UK charity KIDS. Each of the diminutive houses is set upon a plinth measuring 75 x 75 cm (30 x 30 in), and is meant to sport a unique feature to make life easier for children with disabilities.

The designs stray slightly from this remit on occasion, but the results are superb, such as Jack in a Box by Guy Holloway, which hides an inflatable structure within an unassuming dollhouse.

The Grimm’s House, by James Ramsey Raad Studio, is a dollhouse-cum-illustrated fairytale book for blind children, featuring the story of Hansel and Gretel written in braille, and another notable highlight is A dolls’ house made of three-sided rooms, by Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands. This latter example is designed for children with sight and sensory loss, and boasts rooms that react to movement and respond to touch.

A Dolls' House is curated by UK property developers Cathedral Group, and a selection of the 20 dollhouses are currently on display at Senator, London. On November 11, all the dollhouses will be made available for auction at Bonhams, in London, in aid of KIDS. The charity supports disabled children, young people, and their parents.



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