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Loveflutter's Mobile Dating App Helps Quirky Individuals Connect

Loveflutter's Mobile Dating App Helps Quirky Individuals Connect Science & Technology World


Loveflutter is a new mobile dating app that's like Tinder, but a whole lot quirkier. Instead of presenting your pictures up front, Loveflutter hides them and instead, the first thing a prospective date sees is an interesting fact about you. If someone is intrigued enough and there's a mutual curiosity, the two users are able to connect. If the shared personal fact was good enough to stir up some curiosity, it probably makes for a pretty good conversation starter too.

The app also has a Suggest-a-Date feature, which helps daters find a local spot to meet in person. Since Loveflutter brands itself "quirky," these probably won't involve your activities like your average coffee, movie or dinner date.



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