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Modscape's concept home is a real cliffhanger

In a world of rapidly-diminishing building space, it may make sense to consider constructing homes in locations generally deemed unsuitable. With this in mind, Australian firm Modscape offers food-for-thought with a five-story concept home called Cliff House that clings to the side of a cliff in rural Australia.

Modscape created the Cliff House concept for a couple interested in commissioning a new home on land they own in southwest Victoria, Australia. Its design is inspired by the way that barnacles cling to the hull of a ship and, since the construction process would no doubt prove challenging, the company envisions the home being built in several prefabricated sections.

There's only one entrance to the Cliff House. Access is gained by entering the carport on the top floor, from which you can ride an elevator to each level. The interior features three bedrooms (one with an en suite bathroom), a larger bathroom, a barbecue area, spa, dining room, kitchen, and lounge.

There's no word on amenities, but given its remote location, Cliff House would presumably be required to operate off-grid – though this would be a very small hurdle to overcome compared to the structural stability, cost, and erosion concerns. Alas, for these reasons it's likely to remain in render form only for the time being at least.



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