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Toothpaste pods brush away waste

Few people would look at toothpaste tubes as being in need of improvement, until, perhaps, they realize how long they take to decompose and how many get thrown away. Poppits toothpaste, however, doesn't come in a tube, but in waste-free pods that dissolve in the mouth.

The water-soluble softgel pods are made of an edible plant-derived cellulose. Each pod is filled with the dentist-recommended amount of toothpaste required for brushing, and the paperboard in which they are packaged biodegrades in a matter of weeks. This, as Poppits points out, means that the entire product disappears quickly and in an environmentally-friendly manner after use, unlike the 500-year decomposition time it ascribes to some toothpaste tubes and pumps.

There are other benefits too. The pods are said to be more hygienic than toothpaste tubes by eliminating brush-to-nozzle contact, and less mess is produced from toothpaste residue that builds up on nozzles and elsewhere.

There are 90 Poppit pods in a packet. The toothpaste inside the pods is fluoride-free and made from natural ingredients. There are mint-flavored Whitening Poppits for adults and three fruity flavors aimed at kids. Poppits says that it intends to introduce more flavors and formulas in the future, including a natural fluoride version.

A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Poppits is coming to its end. At the time of writing, US$12 is the lowest pledge that will receive a packet of Poppits if the campaign is successful, although it's looking a bit touch and go. Should the campaign reach its funding goal, shipping to backers is expected from October. If not, Poppits tells Gizmag that it will seek to source funding from elsewhere.

The video below is the Kickstarter pitch for Poppits.



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