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Folding pedals reveal their magnetic heart

We've already seen a couple of handlebar stems that let you swivel your bicycle's handlebars sideways relative to the front wheel, so they don't stick out when your bike is parked somewhere cramped such as a hallway. The Dutch-designed Stokbikes system has one of those too, although it also incorporates innovative magnetic folding pedals that'll help keep your bike from falling over.

First of all, other folding pedals do already exist, although they typically just incorporate a foot platform that flips up when not in use. By contrast, the Stokbikes platform is sort of like a very wide-opening duck's bill.

When you're pedalling, the two halves of that bill are closed together, sticking out horizontally to form one platform. When the bike is parked, the two halves are pulled apart from one another and folded back vertically – doing so exposes magnets on their inner surfaces, which can then be stuck to an adjacent metal object such as a parking meter or light post. A lock is still needed to secure the bike, but the magnets help keep it propped up and in place.

Stokbikes is currently on Kickstarter, where a pledge of €80 (about US$90) will get you a set of the pedals or the handlebar-flipping stem – if all goes according to plans. You can get both by pledging €99 ($112).



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