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Courage - Power Up Growth Partners to be sponsor of Angel Capital Expo

Courage - Power Up Growth Partners, a consultancy that helps entrepreneurs and corporate innovation leaders wow and woo investors, sharpen their value proposition, connect to contacts who can open doors, and profit from alliances and partnerships , has agreed to be a sponsor of Keiretsu Forum’s 3rd Angel Capital Expo. Courage - Power Up Growth Partners has been a supporter of Keiretsu Forum mid-Atlantic since 2012 and, according, a supporter of the entrepreneurial community and the Angel investing community.

“Courage - Power Up Growth Partners is thrilled to do our part to develop the entrepreneurial and angel community.”, stated Merom Klein, PhD, who brings 30+ years of experience as a Business Psychologist, entrepreneur, inventor, matchmaker, community-builder, author and innovation to Courage – Power Up. “And so we are thrilled to be a supporter of Keiretsu Forum Mid Atlantic and their Angel Capital Expo.”

The Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic Region (K4-MA) – with chapters in Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Pittsburgh, and New York, a part of the global Keiretsu Forum angel network strives to foster collaboration among early stage companies, angel groups and the larger investment community.

The Angel Capital Expo will take place on Wednesday, October 28, 2015, from 7:30am – 6:30pm at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. The Angel Capital Expo (ACE) was initiated in San Francisco as the signature event of Keiretsu Forum, (K4).

Keiretsu Forum will guarantee that the regular forum entry that obtains the highest level of votes (as the favorite presentation) from attendees will receive a check (representing investment from K4 stakeholders) of $100,000.

The top early stage company will receive $50,000 in investment and services - $25,000 of investment from Howard Lubert and Vince Leusner, the co-founders of Keiretsu Forum Mid Atlantic, and $25,000 of services in kind.

Attendees of the Angel Capital Expo will include approximately 150 accredited angel investors from the Mid-Atlantic Region and elsewhere in K4’s global network of 1500+ investors, accredited investors from other area angel groups, independent angel investors, VCs, and family wealth management professionals.

The featured presenters at the Angel Capital Expo will include 12 early stage companies in Internet-SaaS-cloud technology, healthcare-life sciences-medical devices, consumer products, cleantech/energy solutions, software-security-telecommunications technologies, and real estate.

There will also be six early-stage “Fast Pitch” presenters from various K4-MA partner technology transfer offices, college and university business plan/idea competitions, and local seed-stage programs.

“Keiretsu Forum investors have regular access to a small number of quality investment opportunities” Lubert said. “The Angel Capital Expo will provide access to a dozen investment opportunities that have been vetted by a trusted source, opportunities to invest across diverse sectors, and entrée to other investors with comparable interests.”



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