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Radiation Biology and Cancer: From Molecular Responses to the Clinic

The EACR Conference on “Radiation Biology and Cancer” brings together researchers from different disciplines with interest in DNA Damage Signalling and Repair, the Response of Cells and Tissues to Photon and Proton Radiation and their application in Basic and Translational Cancer Research. The translational character of the conference makes it interesting to basic researchers, medical oncologists and Industry.

The conference generates a unique international forum for early-stage basic cancer researchers and medical oncologists to present their work and meet experts in their fields of interest. It offers great opportunities not only to share research findings, but also to establish new and strengthen old collaborations in an informal but inspiring setting.


Topics to be covered

The conference will cover recent developments in Radiation Biology and Molecular Radiation Oncology, as well as in Cancer Biology & Treatment; sessions are planned covering the following topics:

Mechanisms of DNA damage signaling and DNA repair

Ubiquitination in DNA damage response

miRNAs in cancer development and radiation response

Impact of tumour hypoxia on genomic stability

Tumour metabolism and treatment response

Role of the tumour microenvironment in tumour development and response to radiation

Tumour heterogeneity and clonal evolution during therapy

Mechanisms of targeted and non-targeted effects of photon and particle radiation

Interaction of ionizing radiation and the immune system

Potential of DNA damage signaling for anticancer drug development

Utility of circulating biomarkers for treatment stratification and patient monitoring

Cancer development, DNA-damage response and DNA repair

Tumour biology and treatment

Tumor hypoxia and genomic instability

Translational approaches

Biology approaches to particle therapy

Radiation response and tumour microenvironment

Background to the conference topic

Radiotherapy belongs to the three main treatment options for malignant tumours. Although the therapeutic potential of radiation has steadily increased in the last few decades, loco-regional failures are still common for many frequently occurring tumours and new approaches are urgently needed. New treatment strategies are likely to derive from mechanistic understanding of processes underpinning cellular responses to radiation, of response-modifying signalling cascades and of the microenvironment. Additional benefits are expected from a better understanding of the influence of genetic and metabolic alterations in the tumour, of its level of genomic instability and the role of these parameters on radiation response and the development of therapy resistance. Radiation biology and molecular radiation oncology are rapidly evolving and exciting fields of research, which promise the discovery and clinical testing of key biomarkers for patient stratification and of novel therapeutic strategies.

Please join us in the inspiring setting of Essen Philharmonie and contribute to this exciting meeting with a proffered paper or a poster, or as a participant.



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