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Goldeye Bar 16,000 mah Solar Charger Can Even Jump Start Your Car

Goldeye Bar 16,000 mah Solar Charger Can Even Jump Start Your Car   Science & Technology World Website


Ahmad Jawarneh and Melanie Kalinian have unveiled a new solar charger they have created to provide a powerful emergency backup supply when your mobile devices might be running little short of battery power.

The green energy multifunctional charger is also capable of powering up more power hungry laptops and can even jumpstart your car if required.

"Our project’s idea took a year to finally ready to be launched! Part of a larger stream of ideas to popularize solar accessories. It fulfills the biggest need to charge laptops anywhere with a sleek solar panel design which helps you be away on long excursions and be independent even in public.

The GoldEye Bar is an elegant solar booster bar to charge up to 19V for LAPTOPS and more you can carry anywhere you go. Three voltage outputs (12V – 16V – 19V): meaning you can charge all of these devices: a rarity. 3 Powerful LED Flash Modes: Long distance LED. For camping use flashlight (torch mode). For hazard situations use the SOS and flashing modes. Lights continuously for 40 hours."



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