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iPad is most desired Valentine's Day gift

iPad is most desired Valentine's Day gift Science & Technology World Website

The Apple tablet ranked among laptops and the PlayStation 4 as the most-wanted romantic gifts for technologically-minded Britons this Valentine's Day.

The more traditional jewellery and flowers also made an appearance, and although chocolate was the gift most expected to receive, it did not make it into the top five desired gifts.

Rakuten's Play.com surveyed 1,000 Uk adults to gauge their expectations ahead of the big day. Over a quarter of those surveyed said they were planning to take the day off to spend with their loved one, with those hailing from London the keenest to get away.

The iPad was the gift of choice for many last Christmas, with over three quarters of children in the UK asking their parents for a tech present.

One in five of the adults aged 55+ surveyed said they were hoping for an iPad on Friday, while flowers were the most hoped-for gift among 18 - 24 year-olds.

More than one in ten said they hoped their partner would spend at least £100 on their gift, while 43 per cent said they expected to receive a present worth less than £10.

While the majority of people are unlikely to get the gift they want, 80 per cent of those surveyed would "never return or exchange" their Valentine’s gift. Of all the British regions surveyed, the Welsh are a bit bolder when it comes to making sure they get their ideal gift - over a third (35 per cent) claim they have or would return or exchange an unwanted gift.



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