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Samsung brings high-end Motion Sync vacuum cleaners stateside

  • ByCNET2014-01-27 16:39:00

Samsung brings high-end Motion Sync vacuum cleaners stateside Science & Technology World Website


While Samsung has long been a competitor in electronics, appliances are a fairly recent addition for the company. With that foray comes a host of new competitors. As appliance manufacturers grapple for the top spots with large appliances, necessity drives them to expand their lines of smaller appliances as well.

Keeping with this strategy, Samsung has used the CES 2014 spotlight to announce the US release of the VU70000 Motion Sync upright and canister vacuum cleaners.

The upright cleaner is a bagless, cyclonic vacuum with nine cyclonic chambers that Samsung says provides better suction and overall vacuum performance (Samsung calls it CycloneForce). It also has a detachable handheld vacuum, similar to the Bissell PowerGlide Deluxe Pet Vacuum or Shark Rotator Pro Lift-Away. Like those models, the VU7000 has its own motor so that you can use the vacuum to clean stairs, upholstery, or detail a car without the hassle of dragging around the full vacuum body.

For the canister version, Samsung is bringing the existing European and Canadian VU7000 Motion Sync to the US market. That model debuted Samsung's Motion Sync technology, essentially a body design that includes a swivel brush and reverse-cambered wheels (i.e., angled in from the top), said to improve maneuverability and the vacuums' ability to reach corners.

Samsung says both models will be available for sale in the US in early spring 2014, but it has not yet released pricing information. An Australian version of the canister vac sells for about $749, or about $675 in US dollars. We expect that these US units will come with similar high-end price tags.



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