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August Doorbell Cam Now Supports Nest Integration

August Doorbell Cam Now Supports Nest Integration    Science & Technology World Website


The August Doorbell Cam device provides a fantastic way to be able to monitor anyone who calls at your door remotely using the smartphone companion application, allowing you to answer your door even while you are away from your home.

The $199 doorbell camera has been designed to provide alerts every time your doorbell is rung and allows you to speak and even see who is at your door before you answer.

Today its developers August have announced they have now integrated their August Doorbell Cam with support for Google’s Nest Cam. Allowing you to set up a home security system that will now stream both inside and outside your home from one smartphone application. Jason Johnson, CEO of August Home explains more about the new integration with Nest.

Video is a powerful aspect of smart security in the connected home. The integration with Nest lets our Doorbell Cam and Nest Cam work together to bridge the gap between activity happening inside and outside the home. As we evolve the August Home experience for customers, we will continue to work with leading smart home innovators like Nest to bring Smarter Home Access to life.

August has also created a Smart Lock which is also integrated with Nest expanding the number of devices you can use to create your perfect smart home.



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