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World’s first slash resistant combat shirt means you’re truly protected


Body armors or state-of-the-art bullet or stab resistant vests surely provide effective ballistic and edged weapon protection; but if seen more closely, they offer no effective protection to key arteries. The armors leave arteries around the arms, torso, neck and the throat area completely vulnerable to slashing and cuts – cutting of any of the main artery in the region can lead to rapid blood loss and even death in a very short time span. To ensure law enforcement professionals are not more exposed and defenseless facing an attacker, PPSS Group has developed the world’s first slash resistant combat shirt, which guarantees complete protection to the key arteries.

Made from high performance cut resistant fabric Cut-Tex Pro, the PPSS Group’s UBAC (Under Body Armour Combat) shirt is tested and passed all European, American and International standards for safety. Ideal for law enforcement and security professionals, the slash resistant combat shirt is comfortable and amazingly safe ensuring protection for four key arteries– radial artery, brachial artery, carotid artery and axillary artery – from laceration and subsequent speedy blood loss.



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