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Enflux Smart Clothing Offers 3D Workout Tracking And Feedback

Enflux Smart Clothing has this month launched on Kickstarter to raise funds to take its new 3D workout tracking and form feedback system to market. Helping you improve your fitness, form and athletic performance.

The new technology has been designed to provide users with a system that combines both an application on your smartphone with smart clothing equipped with sensors that is capable of helping you during your workout and acts as though you have a world-class coach standing next to you.

Enflux Smart Clothing is athletic clothing that tracks the 3D movement of your body during exercise. The clothing collects data from your body with 10 embedded motion sensors, then transmits to the smartphone app. This is the fitness wearable you actually wear.

The Enflux smartphone app provides real-time feedback and coaching to help you improve your athletic performance and get the most out of your workouts. Algorithms in the app analyze the 3D movement of your body to measure the quality of your form, intensity of your workout, and these advanced exercise metrics:



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