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Now, gadget that steers wheelchair with rider's eyes

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A new gadget has been invented that will allow wheelchair ridden people to steer their chair with their eyes.

People can now attach this 50 pound gadget to their wheelchair along with their laptop to enables them to drive around using just their eyes without having to stare at any controls.

It is beneficial for those people who can't move their arms and legs but can move their eyes, because eyes are directly linked to the brain, New Scientist reported.

Aldo Faisal at Imperial College London and his colleagues have developed a software that uses subtle eye movements to differentiate when the person wants to steer and when the person is just looking around.

Faisal said existing eye tracking software doesn't allow you to gaze and move at the same time and the technology that uses brainwaves to control wheelchairs aren't easy to handle.

The team found that people using the gadget were able to move faster and hassle free among the crowd and the system responds within 10 milliseconds to a person's objective to move.



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