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Jolla Sailfish OS Gets Community Device Platform

Jolla Sailfish OS Gets Community Device Platform    Science & Technology World Website


Jolla has announced a new community device platform for its Sailfish OS and the company is launching a new smartphone, the Jolla C.

The Jolla C comes with a 5 inch HD display and it features a quad core Snapdragon processor plus 2GB of RAM, it also comes with dual SIM card slots and the company’s Sailfish OS.

We have just started to take registrations to the new Sailfish Community Device Program. The Program is meant for all who want to be in the frontline advocating or developing the Sailfish OS platform and a more open future. By joining the Program you get access to exclusive live community sessions, have a chance to get invitations to community events, and you also get the just announced Sailfish OS community smartphone Jolla C.

All Program members will get the new Jolla C device during July, and will start to receive invitations to live online community sessions after the Finnish summer holiday season. A limited group of first registrants will also get an invitation to our International Sailfish Community Event in Helsinki, June 17, 2016, where you can attend Sailfish-related workshops and enjoy hanging out with fellow sailors!



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