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Top 30 World's Best Universities - Paris Institute of Technology

Top 30 World's Best Universities - Paris Institute of Technology


École Polytechnique is perhaps the best deal around if you’re lucky enough to make it into the prestigious program. If you’re selected to be a part of the state-supported university for science and technology, you won’t pay a dime – it’s free. Of course, the selection process for this program in Paris, France is highly selective and the school is seeking students who are capable of achieving complex and innovative projects under a multidisciplinary scientific education. It’s challenging curriculum with an excellent reward. ParisTech is one of the most highly regarded science programs in the world, and currently has just 2,500 students.

ParisTech (officially Institut des sciences et technologies de Paris (Paris Institute of Technology)) is a collegiate university located in Paris, France specialised in science and business.

In 1991, many engineering Grandes Écoles felt the need to set up a coordinating voluntary association, called "Grandes écoles d'ingénieurs de Paris", that would foster closer collaboration among themselves in areas of common interest and thereby acquire international recognition as an entity of sufficient size and importance.

In 1999 its name was changed to "ParisTech".

In 2007, its status changed to a public establishment for scientific cooperation. It is headed by a President, assisted by an executive bureau and a secretary general, and administrated by a board of directors, assisted by a strategic orientation council and a scientific council. The board of directors gathers one representative of each college or institute as well as researchers, faculty members, and one representative of the students.



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