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University of Ngaoundéré (French: Université de Ngaoundéré) is a public university located in Ngaoundéré, Adamawa Region in Cameroon. It was established on 19 January 1993 by Presidential decree.



The University of Ngaoundéré was created by the Presidential Decree of 19 January 1993 transforming the Ngaoundéré University Centre into a statutory State owned University.

Initially made up of two professional schools and four faculties, this institution today has four professional schools and faculties with an estimated 17,000 student population and welcomes students from all regions of Cameroon and neighbouring countries in the sub-region like Chad and the Central African Republic.



The University of Ngaoundéré has the responsibility:

to develop and transmit knowledge

for research development and training

to carry to the highest level and at the best rhythm of progress the superior forms of culture and research

provide access to higher education to all those who have the capacity and will

to contribute by supporting development and social and cultural promotion

to develop the practice of bilingualism.



The Board of Directors is the supreme body of the university, which ensures the implementation of the development plan of the University as defined by the Council of Higher Education and Scientific and Technical Research and approved by the President of the Republic of Cameroon. The University of Ngaoundéré is guide administratively and academically by a rector, appointed by presidential decree.

The rector chairs the university council, the competent authority in the academic and scientific field. He is assisted at the administrative level by the central government consisting of a secretary-general, three vice-presidents and four administrative units.



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