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International students admission of Oxford University

The University of Oxford has connections with virtually every country in the world. Our students come from 150 countries and our academic staff from 98. Academic research spans all regions of the globe, and tackles issues of major global significance, both within and across disciplines. Our international presence includes more than 60,000 alumni in 194 countries outside the UK, the world's largest university press and leading tropical medical research facilities.

Around two thirds of Oxford's graduate students are from outside the UK, and the University is dedicated to supporting its highly diverse international community. Faith and cultural societies, language support and other services complement Oxford's famous academic provision to create a truly world-class learning environment for every student.

Settling in at Oxford

At the beginning of the autumn term, the University holds an Orientation Day for students who are new to the UK, offering practical information sessions to help you settle into life in Oxford.

Improving your English

If you have been accepted on a programme of study and need to improve or consolidate your English language skills, the University’s Language Centre runs pre-sessional courses that are either eight or four weeks long. For information on who should attend, how to apply and payment details, please see the Language Centre website website.

Please note that in certain cases departments may recommend, or set as a condition of your offer, that you attend a pre-sessional course at the Language Centre before your programme commences.

During term there are also English language courses (available to any student whose first language is not English) on:

Academic Writing

For detailed information on how to apply see the Language Centre website. Places on these courses are limited so you may want to think about investigating your options as early as possible.

Medical treatment

If your programme will last six months or more, you are presently eligible for free National Health Service (NHS) treatment (including free doctor’s examination and hospital treatment) from your date of arrival in the UK. This eligibility is according to current UK Government policy, and may be subject to change at any time. Any changes will be notified here.

If your planned period of study will be less than six months, you may need to pay for any treatment you receive under the NHS and your college will require you to take out insurance cover against this risk.

Pre-Master's courses

The Department for Continuing Education offers two full-time pre-Master’s courses to prepare students for admission to postgraduate degree programmes at leading British universities. Read the course brochure or select a course below:

Foundations of Diplomacy Pre-Masters Course (October-March)

British and European Studies Pre-Master’s Course (September-June)

Both courses combine the study of academic subjects with intensive English language practice. In addition to the academic writing, communication and study skills essential for success at graduate level, students learn how to take responsibility for their own learning and also develop enhanced critical thinking, organisational and presentation skills.

Preparing your application

Before making an application, students should read our Application Guide. This will ensure that applicants are familiar with the English proficiency requirements and issues surrounding student visas for international students.



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