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Oxbridge applications: as it happened

Oxbridge applications: as it happened. Science & Technology World Website


The Telegraph held an Oxbridge applications webchat on Tuesday 1st September with the head of student recruitment at the University of Oxford, Caitriona Woolhouse, and Dr Sam Lucy, admissions tutor at Newnham College, Cambridge. Replay it to see what was asked and the answers given.

The school term may not have started yet, but for those of you looking to apply to university, your Ucas application will have featured in your thoughts this summer. All the more so if you intend to apply to Oxford or Cambridge.

The deadline for applications to these ancient institutions is substantially sooner than for all other universities; October 15, at 6pm. As such, the rush to perfect your personal statement, gather references and choose your course and college (if you haven't already) will begin almost as soon as you walk through the school gates in September.

Much is made of the infamous Oxbridge interviews, but what about getting one in the first place? Your personal statement and, if relevent, accompanying work and entrance exam results, will need to make it clear to admissions tutors that you are the right fit for the university.

So how do you go about doing that? How do you convince some of the top academics in the world that you have got what it takes to thrive in their environment - or, at the very least, make them want to find out more via an interview. And what does an interview even entail?

If you have questions weighing on your mind, then be sure to replay our webchat with representatives from both Oxford and Cambridge to see if your question was answered.



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