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Fujitsu shows-off iris recognition technology for smartphones

Fujitsu shows-off iris recognition technology for smartphones Science & Technology World Website


At Mobile World Congress 2015 Fujitsu has released an Iris Authentication System build into its prototype smartphone that recognizes the authorized user to unlock the phone. This new technology has been developed to end the reign of fingerprint scanning and authentication input in mobile devices. This method is full-proof and very hard to forge which gives user more control over the gadget. Not only unlocking of phone, but it can also be used to authenticate the user while using web forms or getting safe access into very secretive files.

It may seem like another bond like movie gadget, but is very practical and Fujitsu is looking for ways to incorporate this technology in a wide range of applications. Iris authentication is one of the safest form of biometric recognition and Fujitsu uses infrared light to detect the iris pattern for authentication purposes. According to Fujitsu the technology will be used for smartphones, tablets, computers and other biometric authentication systems.

The scanners works quite well as it was seen at the WMC 2015 and even if the user is blinking or squinting it manages to do the recognition without a hitch. So you could be using your smartphone in the most natural way and still be able to quickly go through protected content. Fujitsu says that the technology will be available as soon as early 2016 which is good news.



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