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GRANOT Central Cooperative Ltd.

GRANOT Central Cooperative Ltd. .-Israel's largest industrial agricultural cooperative proves that by joining forces farmers can reap the fruits of their labor on a large scale.

Established in 1940, GRANOT serves as a central purchasing and marketing agency for the Granot Group -- 41 Kibbutzim (agricultural settlements) located along Israel's coast and central region. By consolidating these growers under one roof, GRANOT maximizes purchasing power by lowering input costs, financing necessary capital and enabling all members to profit from the use of advanced agricultural technology.

The Granot Cooperative Group operates in a wide range of economic sectors: finances, holdings, purchasing, agriculture (avocado, citrus fruits , bananas, cowsheds, poultry, grains) , industry (feed mills, food, slaughter houses, seed technologies development, refrigerated storage) , infrastructures, energy, health care, information technologies, real estate, labor recruitment, vehicles fleet operation and leasing, on-job professional training and more.

The yearly overall revenues of Granot Cooperative Group rises 3 billions of  NIS (New Israeli Shekel), approximately 900 millions of US dollars.  Profit distribution is decided every year to the Granot Cooperative Owner (41 kibbutzim).

Main Granot Cooperative Group corporations are: Ambar Feed Mills, Avocado Granot, Meyram, Rimon, Amal Siudit, ORS Granot, One1 (10.5% share), Alon (8.13% share), and Tnuva (7% share).



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