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Les Domaines Agricoles: Nature's most beautiful gift

Les Domaines Agricoles: Nature's most beautiful gift Science & Technology World Website


Les Domaines Agricoles was created in 1960 and currently has several agricultural and food processing production sites spread across Morocco, from Dakhla to Berkane via the Souss, El Haouz, Saïss and Gharb regions.

The mission of Les Domaines Agricoles has not changed since its creation:

• To create richness through producing, transforming and adding value to agricultural products;

• To contribute to rural development whilst respecting the environment and promoting human development.

It is motivated by the desire to be a civic organisation and a leading operator at both national and international levels in our areas of business.

Consequently, it seeks to improve species, promote products grown in Morocco and protect the idea of responsible agriculture.

Les Domaines Agricoles is currently committed to an ambitious development process based on extending its business areas and consolidation of vertical integration.



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