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Ceva, Inc. based in in Mountain View

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CEVA is a publicly listed semiconductor intellectual property (IP) company, headquartered in Mountain View, California and specializes in DSP processor technology. The company's main R&D facility is located inHerzliya, Israel. Research Firm The Linley Group reported in 2012 that CEVA's market share in DSP IP market was 90%, making CEVA's the world's #1 licensor of DSP technology.

CEVA was created in November 2002 through the combination of the DSP IP licensing division of DSP Group(NASDAQ: DSPG) and Parthus Technologies plc (an Irish company that was founded in 1993).

The company develops advanced technologies for multimedia and wireless communications chips. CEVA is the world's #1 DSP architecture deployed in cellular baseband processors In 2011, CEVA reported revenues of $60.2 million and its technology was used in more than 1 billion cellular and electronic entertainment devices.




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