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Small Technologies Cluster STC (STC)

Since 2005, STC has been an incubator of small tech companies and has administered several grant and voucher programs. These programs enable STC to promote commercialisation and entrepreneurship around next-generation innovations. As companies develop new and more advanced products, the incorporation of emerging technologies becomes increasingly important. Many sectors, like biotechnology, medical devices, life science and information technology, are converging around this rapidly growing core of cutting edge innovation. Encouraging the absorptive capacity within industry is a key focus for STC.

Its mission is to be the single point of connection to Australian emerging and enabling technology by seeding, accelerating and catalysing new industry opportunities through the translation, development and commercial uptake of small technologies.

They are driving a high-tech revolution in Australian manufacturing that will create vibrant, successful companies with globally competitive cutting-edge technology, providing skilled jobs for Australians. STC represents people across many converging industry sectors, working together for leadership in next-generation technologies.



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