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AlphaCHIP LLC in Russia

AlphaCHIP LLC was created in March, 2006. That time AlphaCHIP LLC was the subsidiary of MicroStyle Ltd. MicroStyle had extremely successful long-term (more than 15 years) business experience of joint researches and developments for Semiconductor Products Sector (since 2004th - Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.) of one of the leading semiconductor companies Motorola, Inc. as well as AMI Semiconductor, Inc. and ON Semiconductor, Inc. in the fields of design of digital, analog and mixed very-large-scale integration> (VLSI) circuits and Systems on Chip (SoC) with the use of submicron and nanometer technologies as well as CAD systems development. The purpose of AlphaCHIP LLC creation was the entry of this new company into the Technological-Innovative Special Economic ZoneZelenograd (SEZ "Zelenograd").

AlphaCHIP became the resident of this Zone in 2006th. After MicroStyle Ltd. reorganization, all the assets and equipment have been transferred to the new company. The R&D staff of the parent company having huge experience in microelectronics has been transferred to AlphaCHIP LLC as well.

AlphaCHIP renders design and engineering services in the following areas:

• Digital and I/O Libraries Development

• Integrated Circuits and IP Blocks Development

• Process Design Kits Development

• Memory Compilers Development

• Functional Verification Process

• System IP Development

as well as other directions on VLSI & Systems on Chip design and EDA software development.



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