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Q-Carbon Materials Co., Ltd.

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Q-Carbon Materials Co., Ltd. (Q-CARBON), is specialized in sales of advanced special materials, mainly involved in the areas of semiconductor electronics, solar, special batteries (fuel, cells, NaS, LiS, Vanadium batteries for energy storage), special industrial heating, senior household electrics and other industries. In each field, we are becoming the leader. Meanwhile, the company is always devoted to scientific and technological innovation and research & development of new projects and new products. based on those, we have developed many patent products, which continuously strengthened the ability of the market competitiveness and sustainable development. It also ensures the company to be the leader of the market.


Technical and professional

Besides developing our own patent products, we also focus on customer’s specific requirements, suffered problems, then provide them targeted, value-added service. based on the skill, experience, resources, coupled with our professional services team, we can provide customers with tailor-made solutions.



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