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Finmeccanica is Italy’s leading industrial group in the high technology

Finmeccanica is Italy’s leading industrial group in the high technology. Science & Technology World Website


Finmeccanica is a multinational and multicultural group with a clear and recognised reputation for technological excellence which is essential for commanding an international leadership position in the high tech sectors in which it operates. The Finmeccanica group has its headquarters in Italy, and has permanent establishments with significant production assets in four domestic markets - Italy, Poland, UK and USA - where approximately 90% of Group staff work. It has also built up a significant presence in France and in Germany. Finally, it has established a significant network of partnerships in high-potential countries worldwide. In total it has about 70,000 employees, of whom, 43% work abroad in some 50 countries on five continents.

The group's international presence has grown constantly in recent years, and at present Finmeccanica's industrial facilities are spread worldwide with about 350 companies, joint ventures, partnerships and joint industrial projects throughout the world. The technological excellence of its products has made it not only a global competitor, but also a strong partner in several significant international projects. SuperJet 100, Eurofighter, B787 Dreamliner, ATR, Joint Strike Fighter, Galileo and the International Space Station are just a few examples of the partnerships that Finmeccanica has established with major global players in aerospace and defence. At present, 50% of orders comes from non-domestic markets.

In 2011, Finmeccanica generated revenues of EUR 17.3 billion and obtained orders totalling EUR 17.4 billion. Finmeccanica has an order book of EUR 46 billion and invests about 12% of its revenues in research and development. Finmeccanica SpA’s ordinary shares are listed on the Italian stock market (FNC IM; SIFI.MI). The Italian Treasury holds 30.2% of its share capital, with 23.8% being held by Italian and foreign institutional investors and 46% by private investors. Over the last 9 years, institutional investors have more than tripled, with a clear predominance of international investors who hold approximately 93% of total institutional shares in their portfolios.



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