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AeroSat Corporation, a proven technology leader

At AeroSat Corporation, their mission is to keep you connected, no matter where you fly. For more than a decade, they have been developing aviation communications solutions for commercial aircraft and business jets that provide revolutionary global broadband and television services for passengers and crew.

Today, AeroSat is on the cutting-edge of in-flight connectivity, a market poised for significant growth. Their innovative Ku-band antenna systems enable aircraft to connect to the Internet whether in flight or at the gate, affordably maintaining high-speed broadband connections in every region of the world. More than 300 of our commercial TV antennas have been installed to date, providing service where others can't, due to a weak signal, low-to-horizon positioning, or humid weather conditions.

Their goal in the next two years is to become the aviation standard for wireless connectivity, television, cell-phone service, and text messaging. Within three years, they plan to introduce the next generation of airborne communications, delivering even greater connection speed at the lowest cost ever.



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