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Atech Innovations Gmbh

Atech Innovations Gmbh, based in Gladbeck, has been active since 1989 in the distribution and, since 1992, also in in the development and production of high-quality ceramic membranes for a wide variety of industrial applications. 14 staff members are there to support customers all over the world from the chemical, biotechnological, food and beverages industries and from the waste water treatment/recycling industry. atech is owned by ARAN Holding GmbH based in Bad Schwartau and has a production area of approximately 1,200 m2 in the innovation park "Am Wiesenbusch" in Gladbeck, Germany.

After its foundation in 1989, atech at first sold products from a French manufacturer on the German market and developed membrane plants for industrial waste water treatment. Shortly after the production of ceramic membranes-initially made of silicon carbide - had been started, the plant engineering division was discontinued. Since 1994, atech has focused on developing and distributing ceramic membranes made of aluminum oxide and pressure vessels to accommodate the ceramic membranes.



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