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Erdwich Zerkleinerungssysteme GmbH

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Crushers, shredders and bespoke recycling plant – that’s the world of ERDWICH. Erdwich is a highly-specialised engineering and manufacturing company working in recycling and shredder technology. Its core competencies are shredding machinery, turnkey systems and comprehensive services.

Whether you work in heavy industry or waste management – if the job involves shredding and recycling, ERDWICH is the one to call. Its single-, twin- or triple-shaft shredders and turnkey systems ensure efficient material breakdown, either as stand-alone shredding machines or integrated into existing shredding and recycling plant.

ERDWICH shredders are impressively reliable and give many years of service. Whether you need a shredder for electronic scrap or shredders for other fractions, you can rely on ERDWICH shredders – tried and tested a thousand times!In developing its shredders, the company has paid special attention to operating efficiency and flexibility.

ERDWICH shredders are also top of the class when it comes to ease of maintenance. Whether you’re recycling metal swarf, WEEE scrap, refrigeration plant, substitute fuels or cardboard, they can always offer you a solution perfectly matched to your needs. And they can give you a conclusive answer to any other challenge you may have.

Erdwich offers here a vast range of disintegrators. As part of complete systems for processing refrigerators, hospital waste, paper, wood, synthetic materials, rejects, domestic and industrial waste etc. t



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