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Ultrasonic Systems GmbH (USS)

Ultrasonic Systems GmbH (USS) manufactures and sells the German engineered product lines USO 3 and the USO 2. These internationally patented system-technologies consist of two implemented processes, which by the resulting synergy, lead to an advanced water treatment process. One main process is ultrasound, directly introduced to the water, the other is the OptimiXer.

It can be used for water purification as well as aeration. The systems offer a highly cost-effective treatment method. Advantages are the complete extraction from the microbiological load, such as fungus and bacteria, the drastic reduction of nitrogen and phosphates in sewage plants and the transfer of gases into liquids on a very efficient and cost-saving level.

Usable water is the most significant precious resource on earth and is quickly becoming the scarcest. Over the coming decades increased demand for clean water will reach a critical point. Through changing weather patterns, population increases, and new contaminant challenges, the availability of usable clean water will quickly become the most important issue of the time, impacting the global economy in addition to our quality of life.One aspect that affects the water resources and is in the most need of updating is the wastewater treatment process. Wastewater treatment challenges apply to all industries, public and private national, regional and local in scope.Upgrades to the wastewater treatment process demand not only technological advances, but improvements in reliability, operational costs, and performance. Ultrasonic Systems USO 3 technology addresses today’s water and waste water treatment challenges.



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