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Colsen International b.v.

Colsen supplies several innovative technologies in the field of biogas production, wastewater treatment and treatment of digestate. These have been successfully implemented in numerous projects for industrial and municipal customers.

Environmental engineering's agency Colsen is composed of a team of highly skilled specialists able to provide all the necessary services. Colsen has a company goal to 'treat' all of there customers environmental affairs and its competence is found in:

World class expertise in water- and waste management

Continuous improving our own technologies through intensive R&D

Collaboration with global partners in designing/supervising/monitoring via a turn-key approach

Successful in numerous projects for industrial- and communal customers

Since its inception in the Netherlands in 1989, Colsen has remained on the vanguard of expertise in the fields of wastewater treatment, digestate treatment and biogas production

Colsen is committed to deliver its expertise to project developers by designing, constructing, supervising and monitoring their installations under a turn-key approach.


Wastewater treatment technology

Biological digestate treatment with nutrient recovery (P, N, S)

Biogas plants for manure and organic biomass treatment

Renewable energy production from biogas

Biogas Treatment



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