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Pollution Srl based in Italy

POLLUTION is an experienced designer and manufacturer of analytical instruments for the on-site chemical analysis of volatile compounds. Since 1991 POLLUTION has been a leader in micro GC and emissions FID technologies. Markets served: Environmental, Energy & Process (natural gas, petrochemical) , Health & Safety.

POLLUTION’s young and highly motivated team, on top of providing continuous innovation, works projected towards customer needs and satisfaction. A highly experienced team of specialists and technicians is able to provide customer support in every technical and application requirement.

POLLUTION proudly has a modern R&D facility with people focused on high technology and innovative analytical instruments design. Drives successful partnerships with universities and research centers in Italy and worldwide. Is involved in co-financed (European & national funds) research projects with his partners. Produces his own instrumentation at Bologna location, in the heart of the most advanced Italian technological district.

In its modern internal R&D Center, located in its Italian facility, chemists and engineers work together to develop innovative technologies and advanced instrumentation. POLLUTION is driving successful partnerships with universities and industrial research centers in Italy and worldwide. POLLUTION is ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485:2004 certified.



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