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REC Solar is an installer of commercial solar electric systems

REC Solar is an installer of commercial solar electric systems in the United States. The company is focused on providing products and services to support commercial, government and utility scale solar photovoltaic(PV) installations.

Mainstream Energy Corporation purchased REC Solar in 2006, combining it with its other company AEE Solar into a renewable energy portfolio. AEE Solar is a large wholesale distributor of solar energy products like solar panels and inverters.

In 2008, Mainstream Energy in turn received an investment of $40 million in return for a 20% stake in the company belonging to the Renewable Energy Corporation of Norway. Known as the REC Group, the Norwegian company manufactures silicon for incorporation in solar cells and modules in plants throughout Europe and in North America. It sells these products worldwide.

In 2013, REC Solar was listed as the No. 10 solar contractor in the US, specializing in utility, commercial and residential-scale installations, by Solar Power World magazine.

In February 2014, Mainstream Energy sold the residential division of REC Solar, AEE Solar, and Snap N' Rack to Sunrun. REC Solar is now strictly focused on bringing affordable energy solutions to commercial customers. 

In June 2015, REC Solar acquired Stellar Energy, a California-based commercial solar provider. 

In February 2015, Duke Energy announced a majority share acquisition of REC Solar. Additionally, Duke pledged up to $225 million towards REC Solar power purchase agreements.



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