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Australian Gas Networks Limited is an Australian energy company

Australian Gas Networks Limited, formerly Envestra Limited, is an Australian energy company. It operates natural gas transmission and distribution networks throughout Australia.

Envestra was formed when the Government of South Australia sold SAGASCO, its vertically integrated natural gas monopoly, to Boral. Boral combined SAGASCO's distribution network with businesses it owned in other states to form Envestra, which was floated in 1997.

Envestra owns and operates distribution systems in a number of towns and metropolitan areas including Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Rockhampton, Albury, Alice Springs, Bundaberg and Whyalla. Envestra also owns transmission pipelines in SA, Victoria, NSW, Queensland, and the Northern Territory.

In 2013 APA Group announced an approach to the board of Envestra with an all-share merger proposal. In 2014 APA announced the sale of its 33.4% interest in Envestra to the Cheung Kong Infrastructure group. APA still retains the operation and management of Envestra's assets until 2027.



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