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Jackgreen Energy is an Australian electricity retailer

Jackgreen Energy was an Australian electricity retailer. Before the company collapsed in late 2009, it was Australia's largest specialist renewable energy retailer, employed around 100 people, and had 75,000 customers. Jackgreen was suspended on 18 December 2009 from the National Electricity Market by the independent market operator. Jackgreen was served with a court application at the request of state government-owned Integral Energy Australia in December 2009 due to an alleged failure to pay an outstanding $808,983.

Jackgreen's products incorporated a percentage component of green energy, ranging between 10% and 100%. In 2007 Jackgreen purchased Easy Being Green, a carbon offset program.

JackGreen was incorporated in June 2001, was granted a New South Wales Retail License in March 2002 and became a National Electricity Market Code Participant in January 2004 and a member of the Electricity & Water Ombudsman NSW (EWON) scheme in June 2004.



ICP:09019593 Network Management No:20110200020

Operation license of appreciation telecom service:B-2-4-20100139

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