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Bangladesh Shipping Corporation is a state-owned company

Bangladesh Shipping Corporation is a state-owned, autonomous corporation in Bangladesh. It owns a number of ships and oil tankers, and also charters sea-going vessels from other operators. The vessels are used to carry ready-made garments and other export items, and also to import crude oil from Saudi Arabia & UAE. The Shipping corporation was founded on 5 February 1972, under presidential order number 10, right after theindependence of Bangladesh. It purchased its first ship in 1974. The ship was named Banglar Doot (Ambassador of Bengal). As of 2001, the corporation owned 13 ships, two of which are oil tankers.

The main headquarter of the is in the port city of Chittagong. There are branch offices in both Dhaka andKhulna. Although it is a semi-autonomous body, the minister of shipping of the Government of Bangladesh acts as the chairman of the corporation. The corporation also run its own modern marine workshop in Chittagong.



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