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The Belgacom Group is the largest telecommunications company in Belgium, headquartered in Brussels. Belgacom Group is primarily state owned, with the Belgian state holding 53.3% + 1 share. Belgacom Group offerings include fixed line communication through the Belgacom brand, mobile communications through the Proximus brand and ICT services to the professional market under the Telindus brand.

The main legal entity of Belgacom Group is Belgacom NV/SA, which following integration in 2010 includes the mobile activities of former subsidiary Proximus (Belgacom Mobile) and the ICT services of former subsidiary Telindus (Belgacom ICT). Subsidiaries include Belgacom International Carrier Services, Skynet, Tango, and Scarlet.

Its activities are divided into five segments: the Consumer Business Unit (CBU) which sells voice products and services, Internet and television to residential clients, mainly on the Belgian market; Enterprise Business Unit (EBU) which sells services and products to professional clients; Service Delivery Engine & Wholeasale (SDE&W), which is focused on the centralization of various services; International Carrier Services (ICS) which is responsible for international carrier activities; and Staff and Support (S&S) which brings together all the horizontal functions internal services and real estate supporting the Group's activities. As of December 31, 2011, the Belgian State held 56.5% of the voting rights in Belgacom.



ICP:09019593 Network Management No:20110200020

Operation license of appreciation telecom service:B-2-4-20100139

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