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France Télécom S.A.

Orange S.A., formerly France Télécom S.A., is a French multinational telecommunications corporation. It currently employs about 170,000 people, 105,000 of them in France, and has 230 million customers worldwide. In 2012, the group had revenue of €43.5 billion. Its head office is in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, and the current CEO is Stéphane Richard.

Orange has been the company's main brand for mobile, landline,internet and IPTV services since 2006. The brand originated in 1994 when Hutchison Whampoa acquired a controlling stake in Microtel Communications Ltd during the early 1990s and rebranded it as Orange. It became a subsidiary of Mannesmann in 1999 and was acquired by France Télécom in 2000. The company was rebranded as Orange in July 2013.

France Telecom offers its individual customers, businesses and other telecommunications operators a line of services covering fixed and mobile communications, data transmission, the Internet and multimedia, mobile telephone services, network services, integration and information management for communication applications and other services. France Telecom's customer base amounts to approximately 226 million customers, 167 million mobile phone customers and 15 million broadband Internet customers. The Company operates through the network of subsidiaries, such as Orange Dominicana, Orange Caraibes, FT Espana, Orange Catalunya, Orange Romania and affiliated companies, such as Sonatel, among others. In January 2013, Dailymotion, a video sharing Website, became wholly owned by the Company.



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