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metaCure, a medical device company

metaCure is a medical device company dedicated to offering innovative minimally invasive solutions for metabolic and gastric conditions with a focus on Type 2 Diabetes, a growing worldwide epidemic affecting over 250 million people worldwide (WHO).

The Company’s leading product, DIAMOND (TANTALUS) system, is based on an innovative technology that significantly reduces blood glucose levels by applying electrical stimulation to the stomach during meals. The DIAMOND system has been tested in multiple clinical studies in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, validating its safety and efficacy in significantly reducing blood sugar levels. Over 200 patients have been implanted with the device to date.

The DIAMOND system is CE approved since 2007. See Clinical Data for more information. metaCure has a quality system in place and is certified for the EN ISO 13485 standard (Medical Devices – quality management system) since 2003. The design and manufacturing processes of the DIAMOND system are subject to stringent standards for quality assurance in the field of medical devices.

The Company’s European operations are managed from Dusseldorf Germany.



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