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MorphoSys AG based in Germany

MorphoSys AG ba<x>sed in Germany    Science & Technology World Website


MorphoSys AG is a German biotechnology company. It is involved in the development and research ofantibodies. TecDAX has listed MorphoSys since 2004.

MorphoSys generates human antibodies that contain 100% human proteins. The company has named this technology 'HuCal' (Human Combinatorial Antibody Library), and is an antibody production method based on phage display.

Founded some 20 years ago, MorphoSys is today one of the world's leading biotechnology companies. From a pure antibody platform enterprise, MorphoSys has matured into a renowned biopharmaceutical company with a rich pipeline of future therapeutic antibody products and a sustainable dual therapeutic business model. The Company’s aim is to continue pushing the boundaries of antibody generation in the industry – to engineer the medicines of tomorrow.



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