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Sunrise: bringing innovative and leading-edge animation to the world

Sunrise: bringing innovative and leading-edge animation to the world Science & Technology World Website


Sunrise prides itself in creating truly original visual content. Picking out and encouraging the finest of creative minds, it is constantly bringing innovative and leading-edge animation not only to Japan but to the world. Its mission as a team is to create a worldwide movement.

Starting with newspapers and films in the last century, visual media has evolved at a dazzling pace. Now, it has come to mirror the content business and the times itself. The company is now undergoing a vast change. With its own set of values becoming ever more diversified, the number of broadcast channels has also increased. Technology has become digitalized and business transactions are now easily transcending national borders. In particular, the rapid progress of digital techniques has endowed creators with boundless possibilities. In the midst of these technological advances, it is excited to be able to apply these state-of-the-art technologies to its own animations. And the company will carry on in its challenge to continue to provide extremely novel, and above all, quality animation to the world.

They have captured the hearts of many across the globe. This is precisely the kind of globalization it aims for: the kind in which it can share its exhilaration with people all over the world through animation. Never ceasing to strive for originality, it is now planning to ask brilliantly talented creators around the world to join the company in a creative alliance on a global scale.

The company is also moving towards the use of broadband as a means of distributing its visual content. In conjunction with the expansion of new high-speed, high-capacity communication networks, it has become possible for an even greater number of people around the world to enjoy its visual productions. Not only is the company grateful that this system gives it the opportunity for its earlier works to be shared by new audiences, it is also an ideal indicator to update it on what the viewers really want to see. It is also the company mission to use content and characters that it has long cherished to applications far beyond the realm of visual production.

Employees at Sunrise are going to continue in the development of all forms of content, and to create animation and characters they are proud to show the world. And taking off for the future, they will continue to provide Dreams, Energy, and Originality as the leader in creativity, and to further develop as the most watched for "Creative Entertainment Company" in the world.



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